$555.00 USD


Coaching Client Agreement
In consideration of the fees and coaching services exchanged, The Gibler Brands LLC (“The Company”) and “The Client" agree to the following terms and conditions contained herein:

  1. The Company through the "Manifestation U" program will provide INSTANT ACCESS TO A SELF PACED COURSE. The program includes access to the “Manifestation U” course and future updates. If The Client misses a payment, The Client will be removed from the program, access to the “Manifestation U” course will be deactivated.
  2. The Client shall pay The Company either in full at the time of signing the agreement at the rate of $555 USD Amounts do not reflect any special offers or discounts. Refunds cannot be issued once payment is received. Refunds are not available for services provided. Results are based upon the actions and behaviors implemented by the client, and are not guaranteed.
  3. Completing the commitment ensures that clients can work on their mindset, actions, habits, and other important work to achieve their next level of results. Real, impactful change takes concentrated effort and time. The Client understands and agrees with this concept. The term shall begin upon your execution and the Company’s receipt of this agreement.
  4. Upon completion of this agreement, the Client has the option of upgrading to a new package according to the Company’s rates or fees at that time.
  5. Both parties agree that coaching may address specific business/life projects, business/life successes, and/or general conditions in your workplace, relationships, communication skills, organizational skills, health goals, career paths, spiritual guidance, goal setting and more. Additional coaching services may include value and priority clarification, brainstorming, identifying action plans, examining modes of operating in life, asking clarifying questions, and making empowering requests or suggestions for action.
  6. If at any point The Client decides to discontinue the program for any reason, they will still be responsible for paying for their chosen payment option in full.

Statement of Intent
All coaching services, principles, methods, tools, and suggestions delivered by The Company are meant to challenge, educate, motivate, and support clients. However, coaching is not psychotherapy. Coaching may augment therapy, yet coaching should be utilized when significant emotional and psychological wounds are healed or nearly healed. In that spirit, please read the following and sign below in agreement to each statement.

I, the client, understand and agree that:

  1. The coaching services I will receive from The Company are not offered in any way as a substitute for mental health or psychological care. I understand that my coach is not acting in any way as a psychotherapist, psychologist, or other mental health professional and does not purport to offer mental health care.
  2. Coaching sessions are not psychological counseling, relationship counseling, financial advising, estate planning, nor any other type of counseling or therapy sessions. Representatives of The Company are not financial advisors and no content provided either by The Company or coaching materials is intended as financial advice and The Company does not recommend any particular investment.
  3. My coach will maintain confidentiality of our communications only to the extent defined by federal law, or if applicable, Texas state law.
  4. I am fully responsible for my well-being during my coaching calls including but not limited to my choices, reactions, and decisions. If I feel I need professional counseling or therapy, it is my responsibility to see the help of a licensed professional.
  5. All comments and ideas offered by my coach are solely intended to aid in achieving my defined goals. I have the ability to give my informed consent and give consent to my coach to assist me in achieving such goals.
  6. The Company has the right to remove me from the program and all resources and other deliverables if statements or actions made by me have been deemed to affect the experience received by other students within the program
  7. The Company has the right to remove me from the program and all resources and other deliverables at any time with no explanation or notice.

    8. I hereby release, waive, acquit and forever discharge The Company and all employees from every claim, demand or right to compensation for damages I may claim to have or that I may have arising out of actions, errors, omissions, or commissions taken by myself, The Company, or its representatives as a result of the services provided or otherwise resulting from the coaching relationship contemplated hereunder. I will not hold The Company, its coaches, or its representatives responsible for any negligent actions or adverse results, whether known or unknown, that I may incur or suffer as a result of the coaching session I receive. I further declare and represent that no promise, inducement or agreement not herein expressed has been made to me to enter into this release. The release made pursuant to this paragraph shall bind my heirs, executors, personal representatives, successors, assigns, and agents.

Non-Disparagement Agreement
The Client agrees not to engage during the contract period or thereafter in any form of conduct or make any statements or representations, or direct any other person or entity to engage in any conduct or make any statements or representations, oral, written or electronic that disparage, criticize or otherwise impair the reputation of the Company, its affiliates, parents and subsidiaries and their respective past and present officers, directors, stockholders, partners, members, agents and employees. The Client further agrees that the Executive will not in any way solicit any such statements, comments or communications from others.

Confidentiality Agreement
Conversations between The Company and The Client within coaching sessions are confidential and will be protected as such. Information will be shared outside of these sessions only with The Client’s written consent or if law requires disclosure.

However, the following are instances where the coach may be obligated to supersede the confidentiality agreement without The Client’s permission:

  1. If it is assessed during your coaching sessions that abuse, neglect, or endangerment of others is occurring.
  2. If the coach perceives that the client intends to, or threatens to, harm another individual and the coach is convinced that the client will act on this threat or that the client may lose control of his or her own actions.
  3. If at any time the coach determines that the client is in danger to themselves or others, the coach may inform the client of that opinion and make every effort to keep the client from endangering their life or the lives of others. In some cases, this may include notifying appropriate authorities, professionals, family members, or friends as deemed appropriate.
  4. Regarding general safety, The Company further recommends that all clients use technology, cell phones, and other media appropriately and safely during all coaching interactions. Coaches will assume that an interaction is safe and appropriate if a client uses technology or devices to communicate with their coach. The Company does not recommend coaching while driving or operating vehicles.

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